Dr. rutvi parikh

B.D.S (Consulting Dental Surgeon)

Dr. dhaval parikh

M.D.S (Pediatric Dental Surgeon)

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High accuracy with minimum radiation to children and adults

Advantage: Conventional Xray causes more radiation to our body , its film may causes laceration in floor of the mouth , image quality also not good as digital xray and most importantly in conventional xray when reproduction or repetition always required another xray film so its expensive. compare to this digital xray causes almost 100 time less radiation to our body, no trauma on floor of the mouth , highly accurate image and reproduction of xray is fast and least expensive.. IT MUST ADVISABLE FOR CHILDREN AND PREGNANT WOMEN....

There is no side effect or disadvantage of digital xray. The only thing is slightly more expensive then the conventional xray because of the costly sensor of xray. digital dental x ray clinic in vadodara

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